DriveTime is a nationwide used car retailer and finance company based in Tempe, Arizona. With 147 dealerships across the country and a vast inventory of over 7,500 cars available online, DriveTime specializes in selling and financing used cars. The company boasts a team of knowledgeable finance experts and employs over 3,800 professionals.


DriveTime’s sales associates were spending countless hours at Tax Offices attempting to process title transfers for their customers. The complex and ever-changing rules and requirements set by each county in Texas made the process time-consuming and challenging.

As a result, DriveTime’s sales team had less time to focus on selling cars, and multiple trips to tax offices were required. Furthermore, extensive training was necessary to keep up with the evolving title transfer requirements.

After experiencing numerous title rejections, DriveTime made the decision to outsource their title work to a specialized title service with expertise in title transfer procedures and requirements.


TMTC stepped in to support DriveTime by creating a centralized database for all title transfers. This database allows DriveTime to instantly access the status of each transfer through a simple phone call or email.

When title work is received, TMTC immediately notifies DriveTime of any missing documents or corrections required for successful completion of the title transfer.

Leveraging their extensive knowledge of title and registration requirements across various counties, TMTC ensures fast processing, enabling clients to receive their plates in a timely manner.

TMTC also serves as DriveTime’s trusted vendor for assistance with new store openings and internal procedures.

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By outsourcing their title work to TMTC, DriveTime’s staff can remain on-site, providing exceptional customer service to their clients. TMTC has become DriveTime’s preferred vendor, consistently delivering excellent results. Since 2015, TMTC has successfully processed an average of 7,000 titles in Texas annually.

Thanks to the partnership with TMTC, DriveTime can focus on their core business while benefiting from streamlined and efficient title transfer services.

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