IRP/Apportion Services

At Texas Motor Transportation Consultants, we know how confusing and stressful State and Federal filings can be. We assist with all your fleet management needs, including completing and submitting the correct IRP forms.

Apportioned Registration Services

Apportion registration is also known as the International Registration Plan (IRP). It allows you to acquire registration credentials in one jurisdiction while enjoying the freedom of traveling from state to state. Our TMTC specialists will make sure you meet the requirements to establish residency and can produce the documents required to accompany the Texas IRP Apportion Registration Application. We’ll walk you through all aspects of the application, including the below and more!


IRP Checklist


Acceptable Distance Records for Audit, VTR 467


IRP Apportion Application, VTR-356 (Schedules A and B)


Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return – Form 2290

IRS Form 2290 (Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return)

The IRS 2290 tax, also known as the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax or HVUT, is an annual federal tax you must pay to register heavy vehicles (i.e., those that weigh 55,000+ pounds) to operate on public highways.

Our knowledgeable team will handle the filing process and ensure all data is correct.


Form 2290 Tax Payments


Form 2290 VIN Correction


Form 2290 Amendments

An Apportion Team with Over 280 Combined Years of Experience

Ensure that your business remains informed of all relevant laws and regulations. Outsource your apportion to our dedicated team. No matter what questions or concerns you present us, we will guide you every step of the way.

Knowledgeable Apportion Experts

Apportion can be a complex and time-consuming process. Mistakes on your apportion application will cost your business time and money.

Efficient Apportion Team

Your business can rely on TMTC to manage your apportion registration. This allows you to focus on your productivity and profitability.

IRP Apportion Rules

Complex apportion rules vary by state. TMTC is up-to-date on regulations and requirements, which guarantees your business operates without delay.

Choose TMTC for Your Vehicle Apportion Needs

Our team is here to handle apportion paperwork and provide you with custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs.
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